Email Stew for wholesale info & pricing.   

RETAILERS: Interested in selling MoonBrine Pickles in your shop? MoonBrine's Pickles will be some of the most popular items in your refrigerator section. Customers old and young will not be able to resist. Cool packaging, hearty pickles and the visible natural ingredients make for a most desirable product. Everybody Loves Pickles!

RESTAURANTS: Our pickles are the perfect addition to your menu. Serve them on the side or fry them up for a most addictive appetizer! 

BARS: MoonBrine Brine is available for wholesale. Great in cocktails! Add the brine to a Bloody Mary and throw in a pickle instead of celery. The Pretty Hot Brine will give it some major punch!
Or try a MoonBrine Pickletini. Our brine puts that olive juice to shame!  

CATERERS: Our pickles are the perfect compliment to your meals!

CRAFT SERVICE: The crew will beg for more! Refreshing and hearty - you'll be the hero of the shoot. Great in sandwiches too!




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