Welcome to MoonBrine.  
Brewers of fermented pickles.

Fifteen years ago Stewart Golomb (a veteran third grade teacher) started making pickles in his tiny East Village apartment in New York City. The initial goal was to see if his pickles could be better than what was currently available on the street in NYC’s Lower East Side (former pickle mecca). Batch after batch he tested and tested. Ad absurdum. The refrigerator in the small NYC apartment was constantly filled with test batches. Which necessitated the extremely popular pickle-tasting parties to make room for more test batches. The overwhelming response to the pickles fell somewhere between unbridled enthusiasm and mania. MoonBrine was born. 

Armed with his love of food, fun and a mission to bring some simple joy to people’s lives, he attacks the pickling process with an intensity hard to come by unless you’re just plain intense, aka Stew. 
From New York City, Stew moved to Boston, Massachusetts where he brewed and sold his fermented pickles for seven years. Continuing his mission to spread the love of pickles, Stew moved MoonBrine World Headquarters to the great Pacific Northwestern city of Portland, Oregon where he is producing out of the Historic Ford Building located in Southeast Portland. From the Great Atlantic Northeast to the Great Pacific Northwest – Pickles for all! 
Stew says, “Giddy up! Pickle down!”